Your talents, knowledge, and experience can be turned into credentials that are recognized around the world through this process and get internationally recognized qualifications.

By receiving qualifications through RPL, you can avoid studying material you already understand. Instead, you show that you already possess the abilities and information that earning the certificate would offer you. You can obtain proof for an RPL assessment through both paid and unpaid labour. RPL allows for the acquisition of certificates and diplomas.​

RPL awards you internationally recognized credentials that demonstrate your knowledge to potential jobs and boost your sense of self-worth.

Get Recognition for your Experience.

To include or be equivalent to credit, the term “RPL” is used.  RPL is “credit” that is awarded for prior learning and/or experience.

RPL is the formal acknowledgment of knowledge and skills obtained through activities such as:

  • Formal courses and training programs e.g. at University or College
  • Informal courses or training e.g. in preparation for volunteer work
  • Private study e.g. done for enjoyment via the internet.
  • Employment e.g. skills and knowledge gained through employment.
  • Life experience e.g. as a result of experience in overseas travel​

Frequently asked questions:


The evidence you will need to provide will depend on the unit of competency. Some examples of evidence include:

Past Studies, copies of qualifications you have received and academic transcripts showing exact subjects or topics, actual work you completed for past studies (e.g. essays or assignments), Workplace Documents produced by you (in paid or voluntary capacity), training session plans and work programs, learning materials, assessment tools, Audio/Video Recordings (E.g. of you teaching or assessing), Third Party Reports, references from your employers, supervisors’ reports, student testimonials, peer/colleague testimonials, Any Other Evidence, (E.g. documents from workshops, seminars and conferences)

​Please refer to the Unit Evidence Records in the RPL Guide for suggested evidence for different units of competency.

RPL can only be given to a person where they have evidence that is:

Represents and complies with the unit’s standards; valid

Authentic – it can be confirmed that the proof you have provided is actually your own work, credentials, experience, etc.

Sufficient – the evidence is sufficient to prove that you are competent in all of the requirements of the unit.

Current: The evidence demonstrates your present proficiency and how it complies with industry norms.



You can enroll either physically or online. A person seeking RPL typically enrolls in remote education, although you can also enroll in a class at one of the locations.


  1. Enroll in RPL process.
  2. Please make the initial payment for the starting of the process.
  3. Read and complete the RPL Guide after you receive it.
  4. Gather any applicable documents as evidence of your prior learning.
  5. You will receive an Invoice for the balance payment after the assessment.
  6. You will receive your Certificate or Diploma.